December 2, 2008

Roll Recipe

Emily, this post if for you! :)

Brenda's Favorite Dough Recipe
*Use for scones, rolls, bread, cinnamon rolls or twists, doughnuts, etc.

1 1/2 c. Warm Water
1/4 c. Milk
4 tsp. Yeast
1/2 c. Sugar
1/2 c. Potato flakes
2 Eggs
3 Tbsp. Butter, softened
1 1/2 tsp. Salt
4-5 c. Flour

Using a large mixing bowl, combine warm water, milk, yeast, sugar, and potato flakes. Let sit for about five minutes or until you can see that the yeast is completely dissolved and expanding. Add approximately one cup of flour, mixing well. Add salt, eggs, and oil. Continue to add flour (approximately two to three more cups) until ready to knead (will be difficult to stir with a spoon when it is ready to knead). Knead using an alternating pull - punch motion, adding flour in 1/4 cup increments whenever the dough is sticky, for around ten minutes or until dough is soft and elastic. Let sit for 45 minutes then shape into rolls, bread, cinnamon rolls (instructions below), etc. Let rise an additional 40-50 minutes or until fingerprint stays before baking. If preparing scones the second raising cycle is not necessary.

For cinnamon rolls: Roll dough about 1/2 inch thick in a large rectangle shape. Melt about half of a square of butter and spread evenly over dough. Top with a layer of brown sugar and sprinkle with ground cinnamon. Can also add chopped walnuts or raisins (I have never been a fan of either but Dad loves them so sometimes I compromise.) Starting on one side, roll the dough from one side to the other, stretching slightly as you go. Use dental floss to cut (usually between an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half wide) and place on greased baking sheet.

Cook using following instructions.
Rolls: Bake @ 350 for 20-25 minutes
Cinnamon Rolls/Twists: Bake @ 350 for 20-30 minutes
Bread: Bake @ 350 for 30-45 minutes
Scones: Fry in hot oil for 2-3 minutes
Doughnuts: Fry in deep hot oil for 2-3 minutes


SwEaRiKa said...

Hello! Why isn't this on cheaply cute? MAKE A COPY!

Emily said...

Thanks Brenda!!!!!! I'm so excited to try it out. I'll let you know how I do! Thanks again! :)

Call Family said...

I love you Brenda!!! Everytime I go to make rolls (or anything using dough) I always wish I had you around. I'm always debating on which recipe to use. I am so glad that you posted one. I totally trust your judgement and I will now probably use this recipe for everything.

James and Chelsea said...

Hey remember how this is so my favorite recipe for dough. I totally use it all the time.