July 1, 2008

Hidden Messages

I have been thinking about whether or not to see the new Disney movie, Wall-E, but am hesitant because of the underlying message --- that humans destroyed the planet and left a robot to clean up after them.

This morning I was on a 6:15 flight and it was full of children. I couldn't help but overhear two young boys (I'd estimate around 7 years old) discussing Wall-E. After hearing the following, I think that anyone who assumes that subtle messages aren't picked up by their kids should reconsider.

As I eaves-dropped, I heard the boy who had been to the movie say to the other boy, who was eagerly anticipating his own viewing, that "there is garbage everywhere and Wall-E just cleans it up" and that "there are only three living things on the whole earth: a tiny tree planted in an old shoe, a cricket, and . . . Wall-E! Everything else is trash from the humans."

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