March 3, 2009

Fridge Art

I won! I won!! My sis Nats sent me the following:
Fridge Art by my adorable nephews, Brock and Gage.
I love it! Thanks Nats.
And announcing the winners for the "made by me" prize:
I won't be able to get to it until busy season ends, but you will receive something uniquely amazing!


SwEaRiKa said...

Yay for fridge art! And yay for winning things!

gnat said...

Gage was very excited to see his train drawing on your fridge. He thought that was pretty awesome. he wanted to see more so I told him he would have to send you more. we'll have to work on that, he is into water paints right now.

Waters said...

Brenda!!! Oh my goodness! Im surprised you remember me, Im so happy you wrote on my blog and to know that you read it too. HA, Im so excited! You know, I ALWAYS make your sweet dinner roll recipe and every major holiday my family always requests them, so I think of you OFTEN. Ill surely invite you to it.....thanks for writing! Its to fun to see everyone on the bloging world, and so good to see you!