September 30, 2007

Lovely blooms

Went on a walk the other evening with Cory and Melanie - we grabbed Jamba Juice in Tribeca and then walked over to Battery Park and ambled along the Hudson River for a bit. There was a beautiful sunset over Jersey. A storm blew in, wind so strong I felt as if I were being pushed along, and we could see the rain coming so we hustled home.

During our outing, we came across a small public garden and I found some gorgeous flowers. Almost made me want to do landscaping again. Almost :)

I Y flowers!


Don said...

I never thought Jersey could look so nice. Good shot.

Brenda said...

Thanks but I really can't take credit - a gorgeous sunset will improve the appearance of just about any place. (I am really enjoying my camera now that I have gotten over my fear of using it.)