October 28, 2007

Shopping Adventure

For the first time in weeks, I had a free Saturday (no scheduled events during the middle of the day)! I convinced Lyndee that we should go shopping and run some errands together. We had a fabulously fun day - spent hours (7+) wandering around Canal Street and Herald Square, also venturing momentarily into the Garment District. We were veritable bag-ladies by the time we finally shoved our way onto the 2/3 train at Penn Station to head home. It was a beautiful day in NYC and the two of us had a great time!

Two high-lights:
About halfway through the day we decided to stop for some lunch (and to rest our weary feet). There was a McDonald's down the block, but as we headed towards it we came across a small pizza shop and decided that it held more appeal.
After ordering, we realized that the tables were all occupied. Lyndee promptly walked up to a table where an older man was sitting alone and asked if he would share with us. (Quite possibly something I never would have considered doing.) He made room and we enjoyed some fun conversation. We learned that he was a construction guy (the hard hat on the table should have tipped us off…) and he is managing the building of a brand new 32 story Hilton hotel directly across the street from the pizza place. It was an interesting experience and quite enjoyable to share lunch with a stranger.

As we were right next to Macy's we went in to take a quick ride on the wooden escalators - next to the annual flower show, the best part of Macy's!

Thanks Lyndee for a wonderful day!

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Lyndee said...

Your welcome, and thank you, I started laughing when you wrote Lyndee plomped down next to the stranger, didn't realize that is what i did, but you are right. It was a wonderful day, thanks for sharing it with and having the time and ability to just go with it:)I miss you already and feel that your days are getting consumed with work, however we will find some more fun saturdays to enjoy living in New York and act as tourist.